Answers before you ask.
Why did we create EverPresent?
Take a moment to read Our Story and you’ll quickly learn that EverPresent is deeply personal to us.  Inspired by the selfless actions of a truly wonderful man many years ago, our aim is to create a movement that changes our relationship with our lost loved ones, changes the way we view death, and increases the passion and courage with which we live our lives…join us!
What is EverPresent?
EverPresent is an all-inclusive system that enables you to leave a legacy of amazing videos for all of the people you love; so you can be there for them in the most important moments of their lives, even if you pass away before those moments occur.  Watch our What is EverPresent video for a quick run down of what the system does...and watch our How Does EverPresent Work video for an explanation of how it does it.
How do I know who to create videos for?
Your EverPresent system will suggest all sorts of people that you should consider when making videos, and your subscription enables you to create videos for as many people as you’d like.  We’ll guide you through the simple process of creating Recipient Profiles for all the loved ones you want to make videos for…and there’s no limit.
How will I know what life moments to create videos for?
We’ve identified some of the most important life moments in which your loved ones will really be missing you if you’re gone.  Once you choose who a particular video is for, you can choose from our list of suggested life moments, or you can create one of your own.  We have templates for all of life’s most important moments, like: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, inspiration, family history, storytelling and many more.
How will I know what to say in my videos?
This is one of the most common questions we receive, and it touches on what makes EverPresent so amazing.  You see, when you choose a Recipient and a Life Moment for your video, EverPresent will launch a customized interview system specific to your choices.  Each interview has been designed to ensure that you cover all the most important topics for the life moment you’ve chosen, and to coach you through the process of what to say.  All you have to do is follow our instructions and answer some simple questions.  Every time, the end result will be a complete, personal video, that your loved one will cherish forever.  
What if I can’t create really great videos?
This is actually a really important thing to cover.  As the lucky recipients of many messages left behind by our Dad when he passed away far too early in life…we can assure you that all of your videos are going to be PERFECT…to the people who watch them!  Don’t worry about little mistakes, or whether or not you said something the best possible way.  Your loved ones are going to be so thankful that they are seeing your face, and hearing your voice, speaking directly to them…they won’t scrutinize your content.  Just think of someone you love very much who has passed away, and imagine how great it would be to receive a personal message from them right now.   It would be perfect no matter what.  That said, remember that your EverPresent system includes detailed coaching and a proprietary interview system to help make sure you say just what you need to…but that you say it in your own, personal way.
Where are my videos stored?
There are a couple different subscription choices so that you can store and deliver your videos in a way that feels most appropriate to you.  With the Message Creator package, you will be prompted to download each video when you complete recording it.  This enables you to store all of your videos locally on your own computer, flash drive or hard drive; or to a cloud-based storage medium of your choice.  With the Virtual Presence package, we will safely store all your videos in encrypted vaults using the industry-leading capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Of course, you can also download your videos as a back-up if it improves your peace of mind.  When the time comes to deliver your videos to your loved ones, we’ll take care of that as well.
How do my videos get to my loved ones when the time comes?
This also depends on your subscription choice.  If you opt for the Message Creator package, we will provide you with some guidance as to how you should categorize and save your videos to your own storage medium as you go.  You can then use our “End of Life Instructions Template” to create a document that provides detailed instructions to the person handling your end of life affairs.  This document can be placed with your will and testament, or other official documents, so that the person handling your affairs can access your videos and deliver them to your loved ones when you pass away.  If you choose the Virtual Presence package, EverPresent will take care of all of this for you, using our “Executor Function”.  This means that EverPresent safely stores all of your videos in vaults that are encrypted with AWS.  You will designate one or more “Executors” for your system, and these people will receive special restricted access to your account.   This access will not allow them to view or edit your videos, but only to initiate an “End of Life Event” if you are to pass away.  Once an Executor initiates an “End of Life Event”, we will complete some basic steps to confirm it is valid, then we will deliver all of your videos personally to the specific loved ones that you created them for.  Your loved ones will be able to download all of the videos that you left for them, and the download will include clear instructions as to when each video is to be viewed.  As an add-on to either subscription, you can order customized EverPresent flash drives for any, or all, of your loved ones.  We will copy all of the videos you created for each loved one onto an individual hard drive for them, package it in a beautiful EverPresent box, and send them all to you.  You can then choose to either leave these with your other end of life documents and have the person handling your affairs delver them when you pass; or you can deliver them to each of your loved ones ahead of time so that they already have them if you pass away.  These personalized flash drives are a really beautiful touch for your loved ones as they receive an actual physical gift from you…just when they need it most.
What are “encrypted digital vaults”?
If you are a Virtual Presence member, we use encrypted digital vaults to store your videos until they are delivered to your recipients.  These are safe locations on our Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers where a vault is created for each of your recipients.  Each vault is then protected with encryption so that the videos are safe and secure until they are needed.
I really believe in this; how do I get the most about my EverPresent membership?
The obvious answer is to create as many videos, for as many loved ones, as you can.  The less obvious answer is to make sure you tell all your loved ones to join EverPresent and create their own video legacy.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all received EverPresent videos from our loved ones when they passed away?  It would not only ease the grieving process, but it would extend their presence in our lives…and ensure their legacy.  Join the movement…tell everyone you know about this amazing idea!  We’ve even built a simple referral mechanism to make it easy for you to do it…and we’ll toss you a nice little monetary thank you each time you compel someone to sign-up.
Is there any ongoing cost to my membership?
No.  Choosing to become part of the EverPresent movement is a life decision.  It’s a decision to put the lives of the people you love most ahead of your own, and to make sure that you are there for them when they need you most.  As such, EverPresent memberships consist of a one-time fee, and last for your entire life.  There are some add-on purchases you can choose to make as you go, but there is no renewal fee or other ongoing cost associated with your EverPresent membership.
If I am a Virtual Presence member, how long do my loved ones have to download the videos I leave them?
Your EverPresent Virtual Presence includes a robust notification system with multiple fail-safes to ensure that your videos get to your loved ones.  Your loved ones will receive numerous communications prompting them to download the content until they do so.  If a certain point is reached and they still have not downloaded your videos, EverPresent will notify your Executor(s) and work with them to get the videos delivered.  We will safely host your videos and attempt to deliver them for at least 6 months after you pass away.  If we are unsuccessful at that point, we will move your videos to a cold storage medium and maintain them for another year while we continue our efforts to reach your loved ones.  If we are still unable to deliver your videos at that point, we will deliver them to your Executor prior to deleting them from our servers.  No matter what, your videos will never be completely lost.
If I am a Message Creator member, does EverPresent store back-ups of my videos after I download them?
The short answer here is no.  We created the Message Creator package in an effort to provide a membership option that is extremely low cost.  To do so, we cannot shoulder the expense associated with hosting these large video files on our servers.  That being said, we are happy to help you identify safe and effective back-up options for your downloaded content . . . many of which are free.
The EverPresent templates are great, but what if I want to create a different video from my own idea?
No problem.   You can create as many non-templated videos as you’d like.  Just choose the option to “Start with a blank canvas” rather than choosing a video template when you’re at that stage in the process.
Can I create videos outside of the EverPresent system and upload them to my account?
Not yet, but we'll enable video uploads soon.
Can I upload photos to go with certain videos?
This is something that we recognize as very powerful and important to you.  We are working on adding this capability to the system, and anticipate that it will be ready in the next several months.
Can I create one video and deliver it to multiple loved ones?
Absolutely.  Most of your videos will be very specific to one recipient, but there are some videos that you might want a whole group of people to see.  You can easily designate multiple recipients for one video when you create it.
Will I get a chance to review and edit videos as I create them?
Of course.  Each video is actually broken into manageable segments.  You will be able to review and edit each segment as you go, and again when all segments are complete.  The beauty of this is that if you want to edit one small part of a long video, you only have to re-record that segment, not the entire video.
How does the interview system work?
Your EverPresent Team has employed a great deal of research and experimentation to determine what sorts of things you need to say in each video, depending on who the video is for, and when they are supposed to watch it.  We then used this information to break each video into a series of instructions and interview-type questions that are built to ensure that you say exactly what you need to say…while still keeping it personal, and in your own words.  For each segment, you will play a brief audio file the provides the instructions and asks the questions…just like you were being interviewed.  You record your responses to each segment, and we put all the segments together to complete your video.
What is the Teleprompter Function?
We know that it is sometimes hard to remember exactly what you wanted to say once you hit the record button.  We also know that some people find it much easier to record videos if they can write out what they want to say and simply read it to the camera.   The Teleprompter Function enables you to do either.  You can type directly into the teleprompter field while you are listening to the interview instructions for a segment.   Whatever you wrote will then be visible to you as you record, to help guide your message.
Is there an EverPresent mobile application so I can make videos on my phone?
There is currently not a mobile application for EverPresent.  This is primarily because some of the interview components and the teleprompter function require reading of text that is much easier to see on a larger screen, such as a tablet, laptop or desktop.  The EverPresent system is designed to function as a mobile-friendly website, so you can access it on your phone through a web browser.  All of that said, a mobile application is in the works.
What if I want to revise or change videos over the years as circumstances change?
Again, your EverPresent membership lasts for your entire life, and you can use it to add recipients, edit videos, delete videos, and do just about whatever you need to keep your content relevant and current…forever!
What should I do with a video if the life moment it was meant for passes while I’m still alive?
This is totally up to you…but we suggest that you share it with the loved one you intended it for.  It might just remind you of how lucky you are to really be there for this event…and it might even help you to say some pretty important things, that you might have overlooked.  We call this “radiating”.  Our system will help you to say some pretty amazing things to some pretty amazing people after you pass away…but why wait!  If you record a video that really conveys how you feel about a loved one…feel free to “radiate” that message to them right away…they’ll love it.
How can I partner with EverPresent to raise funds for my non-profit?
EverPresent has a powerfully beneficial fundraising component for non-profit organizations, which we call our Affinity Program.  If your non-profit services a group of people who would benefit tremendously from using the EverPresent system, you can do some serious fundraising for your cause while bringing your membership a service they really need.  We establish a very healthy revenue share for your group and provide you with everything you need to get started.  If you want to learn more, email Chad at or Josh at and ask about an “Affinity Partnership”.