You can be...
Forever loved.
Forever remembered.
Forever connected.
EverPresent is a simple way to create a legacy of meaningful video messages delivered to the people you love most, whenever they need you, well beyond the limits of this lifetime.
Your mission
To enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that:
You will always be here when your loved ones need you.
You will be able to pass along all that you have learned in this life.
Your family and friends will know with absolute certainty that you love them.
You will be forever remembered for the best of who you really are


To make it easy for you to create a library of amazing video messages that:

Support your loved ones when they need you most
Tell your life story
Share your knowledge and beliefs
Strengthen the eternal connection between you and the people you love most

And to deliver those messages directly to your loved ones throughout their lives, for many years after you are gone.

Simple Four Step Process

(Here's how it works)

STEP | One
Get EverPresent
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Everything you need for as little as $ time! No ongoing costs.
STEP | Two
Follow your EverPath™️
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We’ll show you which video messages to create, and what order to create them in, based on your individual life situation.
STEP | Three
Listen to your EverGuide™️
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Our proprietary visualization and interview process will help you know exactly what to say in each and every video message you create.
STEP | Four
Relax. We’ll do the rest.
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Your video messages will be safely stored and delivered directly to your loved ones when the time comes.
Be remembered forever.
Sounds great, right?
Want to see exactly how this works?
Watch this video to see the EverPresent process in action.
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"My dad lost his battle with ALS over 30 years ago, but through a series of messages he left behind, he's been a part of nearly every important moment in my life..."
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Ryan Johansen | Founder

OK I'm in. What does this cost??

As you probably read in the “Our Story” section above, the idea behind EverPresent comes from the incredibly selfless gift from the father of two of our founders, many years ago. In an effort to pay that amazing generosity forward to as many people as humanly possible, we offer complete access to everything EverPresent has to offer, for a very low, one-time fee.  Pay once, own your system’s that simple.

You get full access to the EverPresent Message Creator System for just $49 (ONE-TIME FEE)
Message Creator
   All video message templates
We’ve created templates for countless important life moments, storytelling... Read more
Our proprietary visualization and interview process to help you know exactly what to say in each message... Read more
Customized based on your life situation and needs.... Read more
   Unlimited Review and Editing
Unlimited video message review and editing capabilities.... Read more
   Post-Life Documents Library
We’ve created a library of fillable documents that you can printout and put with your.... Read more

Our 'Peace Of Mind' Promise

We’ll make it easy for you to create amazing messages
We’ll store your messages safely and securely until they are needed
We’ll deliver your messages directly to your loved ones when the time comes
For only $20 more (ONE-TIME FEE), you can add our amazing storage and delivery services
Virtual Presence
   Encrypted digital vaults
We’ll create an encrypted digital vault for each of your loved ones using the power and security of AWS.... Read more
   Unlimited storage
Unlimited storage of video messages within these vaults.... Read more
   Message delivery
Guaranteed delivery of your messages directly to the in-boxes of your loved ones, when the time comes.... Read more
   Transfer of all video messages
After you pass away, we will allow your loved ones to download the video messages.... Read more
   Download/backup your files
While your video messages will be automatically backed up by EverPresent to ensure.... Read more
Doing this could actually enhance your health and treatment efforts...
Recent studies, including those conducted by Stanford University’s Letter Project, indicate that creating messages to be left for your loved ones after you pass away could actually enhance your ability to heal.
Want someone you love to use this system, but not sure how to suggest it?
Purchasing this system for someone you love, so they can create messages, is a wonderful idea.  Of course, if this person is battling serious illness or disease, you certainly don’t want to make them think that you’re giving up on them...
Want to use EverPresent to raise funds for your cause/non-profit?
You can do so in 3 Easy Steps:
Become an EverPresent Affinity Partner.
Tell your people about this amazing system.
Receive a donation for every person that joins.
Request contact from an Affinity Partnership specialist:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is EverPresent's pricing?

EverPresent has two pricing options; our Virtual Presence package is $69/lifetime -- and our Message Creator package is $49/lifetime.

Do I need to be comfortable with technology to use this platform?

Absolutely NOT!  You can be set up and creating videos in only five minutes. We walk you through it every step of the way.

What type of people can use EverPresent?

EverPresent can be used by people of all demographics -- from healthy children to aging adults, to everything in-between.

How easy is it to get in touch with the EverPresent support team?

Our customer support team is available Mon-Fri to help you via chat (lower right corner) or email. Our team far exceeds industry standards for response times, resolution times and overall client satisfaction.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

Nope! There are no long-term contracts required with EverPresent. Instead, you pay once and have a lifetime membership!

What if I want to upgrade my account later?

You can easily upgrade from within your EverPresent dashboard any time.

"I purchased this for my mom for Xmas and it's been a gift for the entire family since."
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Shane Lowdeny | Grateful son